Why Did God Let Us Lose in Albuquerque?

Yesterday, voters in the well-known destination-abortion town of Albuquerque were asked if it should remain legal to seek an abortion after 20 weeks gestation, which is when scientists have determined an unborn child can feel pain. Much to pro-lifers’ dismay, the people voted to keep it legal. Many of us are wondering why we keep losing these measures, how can God let us lose when He has called us to fight this battle?


It is because we have not remained faithful. We heard the promise of God that we would defeat abortion, and yet we are not following His plan to do so. We are attempting to ‘play God’ by offering up these piecemeal restrictions on abortions instead of fighting abortion as a whole and declaring the humanity and personhood of every human being.

Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward the slaughter.

-Proverbs 24:11

God didn’t say ‘rescue only those who you think can feel pain’. NO! He has clearly told us that EVERY SINGLE human being conceived is in the image of God and is a child of God, not only those that can feel pain.

On a side note, how accurate is it really that on the exact day an unborn child hits 20 weeks gestation they can suddenly feel pain and not a second before hand? That on day 6 of week 19, the child certainly cannot feel pain? I mean really, what kind of silly logic is that? Are we also to assume that every single child develops at exactly the same rate?

We cannot continue to decide for the Lord the best plan of attack. God has already won this battle for us, but we will not find victory until we do it His way. God will not be fooled. David did not take down Goliath with many little stones, no, the Lord told him to throw one. So that everyone would know that the battle was won by the might of the Lord and not the strength of man.

Do we really think the Lord will give this victory to us when we are determined to take His name far away from it? Let’s get real people. The only way abortion is going to be completely abolished is by an act of God. So, let’s stop trying to ‘trick’ people. A person is a person, no matter how small. And no matter their ability to feel pain. We are going to keep losing until we let the Lord take the reigns.


One thought on “Why Did God Let Us Lose in Albuquerque?

  1. Yes! We pro-lifers have to keep praying on top of reasoning with people. Today, President Obama awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Gloria Steinem. There’s a tough battle ahead, but victory will be ours because we have on our side morally and logically consistent* arguments, and far more importantly, God.


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